Day 139 – 19th May – One Final Entrance


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Day 139 20180519

While taking out the bins for collection the other day I noticed that my garden gate was starting to have issues with it’s integrity.  It wasn’t totally falling apart and would have probably lasted a bit longer, but as I had the time and the weather was going to be good I decided today would be a good time to replace it.  The previous gate had been a part DIY gate.  A sort of flat pack gate if you like.  Above you can see all the pieces that made it up.  Panels that had to be linked together, nailed to a series of crossbeam which were also screwed into place.  You could even decide to have a flat or curved top to it as the beams were purposefully over-long.  I needed to take it apart so it can be recycled at a later day.  The replacement is a pre-built gate which works well, and as someone I know would say, fills a hole!