A year in photos – A reflection


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Having produced a post and photo for everyday of last year, having a few days off from producing a blog has been a nice break, but I did want to post about the project and my thoughts about it having done it.

I have found it an interesting project.  Finding something to represent the each day was a challenge.  Some of the photos and topics covered probably highlighted that.  None of it was planned in advance and while I didn’t necessarily post each day, each photo represented a day.

As well as interesting as a challenge, it has also been interesting as a reflection.  None of it was planned and it was a full record of the year, both the good and the bad, sometimes the very bad.  Looking back it shows where I tend to spend my time and what was important during the year.  My faith, I hope, came through as important and while not posted about as often as some other themes, wasn’t something I wanted to shy away from.  The garden featured a lot in one way or another and it was pleasing to see that I was able to complete a number of projects through the year.  Pleasing not only because I got the projects completed (and the blog possibly helped with that), but also because it has highlighted to me that I don’t, as I sometimes think, spend too much time in a sedentary position in front of the television.

A further reflection from it that I gained is that, despite a number of more interesting interludes during the year, often there were times of day to day posts involving lunchtime walks, general gardening and even more humdrum items.  It’s reminded me that life isn’t something that will be filled with one exciting day after another for the majority of it.  Many of my friends say that I lead an exciting life, and I guess with the ranch holidays, some of the project undertaken and other things I have done, those do have an appeal.  However there is also a lot of my life that is as boring as others.  That I don’t think is a bad thing  as I hope it has shown there is still plenty that we can have in our own lives, even with traditional jobs.

Finally, I would say to anyone else who is thinking about a similar challenge, (after all mine came from seeing others do it), I would encourage them to do so.

I will be moving the 365 days of posts to their own blog shortly, located here https://whitewash.photo.blog/ for anyone who either wants to look at it again or, if you are new to the blog, for the first time.  This is mainly to free up media space as 365 photos take up quite a bit of the limits I have