Well I have blogged before, elsewhere, but I want to give it another go.  I give a load of excuses for having not posted regularly previously, but like most things, its a question of getting out of the habit and being somewhat lazy.

I was looking though a load of old ‘favourites’ from an old back up that I was looking at. What was amazing was how many of the blogs I used to follow are now dead, or at least have been left for over two years, and I suspect will remain left untended now. 

I can’t remember what the stats are for blogs started and then abandoned, but I know it’s pretty high and I’m determined not to become one of those stats. I’m therefore going to attempt to get this up and running in a more regular way. 

There’s lots that has happened that I can post about, so I have no excuses really. I’ve recently given up Facebook (that should be a posting on it’s own) so I’ve got fewer distractions. 

So, here’s to the future of this blog and it not becoming just another statistic!