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Well as a number of people know, I’m once more taking to the streets to train for another marathon.  (Honestly this will be my last).

One of the things that we hear a lot about is muscle memory.  It’s even been mentioned in ballroom dancing circles.  Well currently at the moment, the only muscle memory I’ve got is aches and pains from the training.  Obviously this will fade over time (it always does and as this is my 3rd marathon I know what my body is like).

Similarly I have picked up a minor case of tendinitis.  It seems to be something that happens each year and once it does, things are ok.  I suppose it’s just because I’m not a runner in terms of using the muscles in that way.  I do plenty of sport, just not constant running.  Similar things have happened with skiing where the calves are stretched for long periods of time.  (For those who don’t know, you are typically leaning forwards when skiing, not standing upright, at least if you’re doing it right).  The marathon training eliminated this last year so hoping for the same this year.

I’m sure that I’ll get into the swing of things soon enough, and in due course I’ll be setting up a donations page etc, that I’ll advertise.  In the meantime I’ve an unexpected rest day and hoping that I’ll be able to go out again soon.