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So, the marathon training continues, but has become somewhat interrupted.

First of all there was a load of snow and ice.  Living on a hill makes training somewhat difficult in these situations.  It was a shame as I was doing well with the training, had got over the injury I always get when I restart my run training, and was increasing the distances nicely.  Getting somewhere flat to carry on the running wasn’t possible either, with driving conditions, esp on a hill, too risky.

Anyway, the snow goes and I resume.  Thankfully the legs are still used to running so no repeating issues from before.  Again the runs start to go well, times coming down, distances going up.  All the good stuff that encourages you.

Then came last Sunday.  I’m heading out on my first 10 miler.  Not worried about the distance, have done over 7 already, so know that I’m building up gradually and it won’t be an issue.  Then less than a mile in, I notice or rather feel, something wrong.  Pain in the left foot arch when I land.  Not shooting pain, but enough for it to be uncomfortable.  I run on for a bit (possibly a mistake) to see if it goes, but no luck.  After less than 2 miles I’m heading home, walking, to avoid doing any long term damage.  I go out for a trial run on Monday, just in case it was a ‘oh it’s playing up today’ type thing on the Sunday.  Same problem and I stop straight away.

I choose to rest for a bit and due to a series of events, it’s come round to Saturday and I’ve not run.  Hopefully it will be better.  The plan is for a 5 mile run today and a longer one tomorrow, possibly 10 miles.  Of course that’s the plan.  It’s not been helped by another niggle now.  Bringing in the shopping (not heavy bags at all), I walk up the step to my house and feel a muscle by the shoulder blade go.  I’ve no idea how this might effect the running, will have to wait and see, but you can imagine my thoughts when it happened!

None of these are big injuries, but they are annoying little niggles that are stopping me getting to a decent distance in terms of training runs.  I know I still have over 2 months to go, but I’d have liked to have got 10 miles under the belt by now.  Hopefully tomorrow!