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Well I’ve finally managed to feel within myself that the marathon training is sort of on target.  While I had planned to be a bit further along on my long runs than I am, with the minor injuries and the bad weather, am I content with where I have got to.

So, Sunday morning and I woke to what must have been one of the nicest days of the year down here.  Bright sunshine, clear blue skies, not a cloud in the sky.  Yes at 8am was a little fresh, but once I was running I didn’t really notice it.  I had to take a totally new route due to local events taking place and took a bit of a risk as if I had to stop after about 1/2 way there was no shortcut home.  Lots of nice new things to see though, and the podcasts kept me company during the run.  Will be adding it to my list of training routes for when I’m up early enough to avoid shoppers!

By the end of the 11 miles (50% more than I’ve done in training so far this year) the legs were quite tired so I was glad I had finished, but there have been no problems after, so that is good.Having finished in a good time, I carried on and watch those running the offical local 1/2 marathon, something I could have done if I’d managed to get around to signing up last year.  Took me a little while to realise it by I was in celeb corner with Zoe Ball and David Walliams in attendance.  Happily they did their bit with flag waving and a couple of photos for a local charity.  No one disturbed them, which was also good.  Norman has been good at supporting the full marathon and was there quite late last year as he was still cheering when I went past!

So I plan to do another 10 miler this week towards the end to start getting the longer distances under me.

As things stand I think I’m pretty close to being on target.