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Well I’ve been away from blogging for a week, but that’s due to going on a ski trip. (pictures will be posted in due course).

So the last bit of skiing was on Friday (and interesting day that will be posted about in it’s own right) with a journey home on Saturday.  I think for the first time from such a holiday I am really missing everyone I met on the holiday and that I’ve come home.  Although it’s only been a week together I know that a lot of them have become special to me for a variety of reasons.

Now I don’t want misunderstanding here.  I have some great friends here that I’m very close to and see regularly.  I also have a job that keeps me busy and is enjoyable without stresses or major issues.  In that respect, there are no issues with coming home.

The holiday itself was great fun, lots of good skiing, some challenging conditions at times, but was able to ski every day.  There was a great group of people that were on the trip and out of the 40 or so people, everyone got on really well.  I don’t think anyone was ever ‘isolated’ in terms of the group as a whole.  Obviously in terms of the group there are those you spend more time with as a result of the skiing and socially and some really good friendships have been formed.

Staying in touch is easier now.  Social media being one option (not one that I partake in much now having left Facebook) but there is email and other options as well.  However it’s different from having all these people that you get on with around you on a daily basis.

Possibly part of it is due to the nature of the holiday itself.  There was some good teaching on the trip that has made me think a lot about the future and different options.  (I’ll post on that more in due course as well).

Maybe all these things combined have created the feelings like a ‘perfect storm’.  There is a large part of me that doesn’t want to lose the feeling because I want to miss these new friends, and want to meet up with them again soon.

Hopefully there will be a get together soon, maybe not everyone, but certainly a good number.  Travel is easier now so its more than possible.  Time will tell.