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Some of you may have noticed that I will quite often use a song title as part or all of my headings.  Working on a providing a song title for each day of the holiday has brought up this interesting song.  I’ve no idea what the song is like.  I will probably go and listen to it at some point after posting this, but it is one that not only mentions Tuesday, but has two remarkable things that also makes it suitable.  The first is that it is by a band called the Cowboy Junkies.  Rather fitting for a ranch holiday blog  The second is that for the Tuesday, it was the morning that was the highlight!  I couldn’t have asked for a better fit!

So, Tuesday morning arrives.  My sleep is still a bit erratic, but it normally takes a day or two for the jet lag to fade so I’m not too worried.  Tuesday starts with an odd combination.  It is both an early start and a lay in.  It’s an early start because rather than having a ride start at 9am after breakfast, it’s a ride at 8.30am.  However its also a lay in as breakfast normally is from 7.30 and on this occasion, breakfast will be at the end of a short slow ride into the desert.

It’s not cold in the mornings, so there is no need to wrap up, but there is the need for protection from the sun as it will be warm by the time we get back, even though it will only be about 10ish.  It’s a nice easy start to the day.  A slow ride is basically a trail walk and this one takes us out to a small, fenced off area of the desert where there are covered tables and seating with facilities for breakfast to be cooked (and I mean cooked, not just reheated).  This is done by the wranglers and owners of the ranch.  It’s a nice touch wasn’t missed in terms of them showing that the holiday is about what they can do for us.  There is nice chat while being served and over the meal.  I certainly will be trying out the recipe for the potatoes as they were particularly nice.

Some of my new friends opted to move onto the full day ride after this.  I wasn’t so keen as it was only my second day and I wanted to ease myself in gently.  I didn’t want to find I’d overdone things too early and would be suffering the rest of the holiday.  Best to find my feet first as it were.  Another factor was that they had just closed the national parks.  The all day ride would normally go into that, but this was no longer possible.  The good thing was that the ranch had enough trails to allow for a full day of riding without repeating a trail.  Given this I decided that I would wait and see.  There was the chance of another one later in the week if things changed.

So, the rest of the day was filled with some fast rides that were a combination of me trying to gain confidence and a chunk of hanging on to part of the saddle for extra balance.  I was glad for taking this option as it helped me grow in confidence and got me used to riding at that speed.  (The first step in starting to feel confident).

Back at the ranch between rides and lunch, I had a look round the shop, and spent some time in the pool and the hot tub, chatting to other guests.  The pool was set at just the right temperature.  Like many things at the ranch, it was ideal for just cooling off from the heat of the afternoon.  Dinner was once again a wonderful selection with something for everyone, and after over indulging, we had the evening entertainment.  This was a cowboy signing traditional songs and telling stories round a camp fire.  This was a fun way to spend the evening and to learn more about ‘the old West’.  After a few drinks it was time to hit the hay with a new day and new fun to be had.