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No song title this time, just thoughts, and after all, that is partly what the blog is meant to be about.


It’s been nearly a month since the holiday finished (realise it doesn’t seem it from the blog, but I was seriously slack in getting myself into gear with writing it).  If I’m brutally honest I do still miss the place.  I’ve told people I’d happily sacrifice a month of salary to go out there again, and still pay for it.  Mad as that might seem, I hope its an indication of how good I thought the holiday was.

Work seems somewhat boring, probably because it is compared to being on a ranch and I’m pretty sure that the building incubates illness more than any other place I’ve worked.  It’s a tough market out there so finding something better is difficult.  Jobs on ranches seem to require a green card and a lot more experience than I have.  I did see one chap looking for a ranch job and he simply said ‘Mid 40s, wanting a change of direction.  Have a little riding experience, but willing to learn on the job.  Happy to work at any ranch.  Couldn’t help but think good on him.


The weather here has turned.  As well as the exceptionally bad weather, the temperature is dropping, the sun is rarely out and I know in Tucson its still in the 20s and sunny.  I know I’m better when it’s sunny, but I doubt whether I can get a greencard based on the fact that I prefer the sun!  Would make an interesting read for the immigration people if nothing else.


I had been plugging the ranch like no tomorrow.  I think that recommending it to people helps keep the memory fresh, and as one person said, they could tell by how I was speaking about it, that it was clearly special.  I’ve even done a trip advisor review (another 5 star review for the ranch) which is the first time I’ve ever done that as well.  Someone even found it helpful!!!

A good deal of time has been spent burning and posting out DVDs to some of the friends from the holiday.  I have to say I’m slightly concerned how long the ones going to the US are taking, well over 2 weeks now, and I suspect some friends have been getting itchy feet about them.  That said the ones to Europe took over a week longer than was suggested.

I’m wearing in the boots I bought, and the ranch’s belt buckle is a regular feature now.  No idea what some people think about it but I don’t care really and if they want to ask, I’ll happily talk for a number of hours about it 🙂  I even went a little mad and bought myself a lasso.  Wasn’t too expensive (importing it from the US was the biggest part of the cost!) and I’ve yet to get a chance to use it, but I’ve taken an old bike to bits and can use the bull horn handle bars as cow horns instead.  Just need to rig up something it can stand on now (and get some nice weather).  The neighbours will think I’m mad when they see me practicing I suspect.


The only thing that needs to be added I suppose is the totally unsurprising fact that I have re-booked.  I didn’t want to wait in terms of costs of flights and accommodation.  It also give me something to look forward to, even if it is further away than I would wish for!  If I do get a new job I might see if I can sneak a trip in-between, but that seems unlikely at the moment, but we all need to be able to dream :-).


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the series on the holiday, and if you want something slightly different, but great fun and a great holiday, White Stallion Ranch is the place to check out.