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Having been a bit more proactive with the blog of late, I have gone back and realised that there is something that I haven’t blogged, and with a future blog planned (yes I’ve been thinking about future blogs), it would make more sense to that one if I have posted this one first.

At the moment, one of the popular TV shows, and one that I will watch each week is Strictly Come Dancing.  Unlike most shows that will be on my TV, I will actually pay attention when it is on.  (Normally I’ll be watching TV from behind a computer as well!)  Part of the reason is that it’s a show that you need to watch rather than being able to get away with listening to with glances up.  (That might say a lot about the rest of the TV shows I watch).  With dancing, no one is talking you through the dance steps, you need to see them.  The other reason I will watch it is because I am one of many throughout the country that also do ballroom and Latin.  I enjoy seeing how the dances are completed and how the ‘celebrity’ dancers improve over the course of the competition.  However I am also looking for steps that I can recognise.  I’m not going to be putting them into dance routines in the way that they are on the show, but I like to know that some of what I can do also appears in the show.

I’ve not been dancing very long.  Only a year and only an hour a week.  I did dance previously though, before university, so I have a bit of previous experience, which has helped.  I don’t have a regular partner, and that does make things difficult, as I will be the one who ends up rotating round with others that don’t.  That mean that I’m having to adjust to different people a number of times in a lesson, and of differing abilities.  I’ve also found that certain people don’t like being lead either.  That makes things difficult as they are learning by rote rather than by understanding of what could be coming next and being ready for it.  Maybe eventually I’ll have someone I dance with regularly, I’m sure it makes a difference