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Well it’s this time of year that is marking one year on in a number of ways.

First up is that it is more or less one year on from ditching Facebook.  Truth is that I really do not miss it at all, and the more people I speak to, the more I find people considering doing the same thing themselves.  Clearly I’m not the only one, and while I doubt that there is such a groundswell that Facebook is in any danger of  a mass exodus, it is interesting to see how people are using it less.  I still understand how it can be beneficial.  Friends who still use it find it helpful for staying in touch and hearing about friends and family that are in other lands and can share information easily and without cost.  I’m lucky that the friends I have are willing to put up with my eccentricity in terms of relying on email instead.  I’d mentioned in earlier posts that being on Facebook was becoming an assumed for a number of companies, and this continues.  More and more I see ‘easy registration’ with Facebook which shows just how integrated it has become.  Still isn’t going to get be back though!

It’s also just over a year since I went back to the ballroom.  It’s now a regular feature and I’ve done an exam, will probably do more and possibly other events as well.  I’ve purchased some proper shoes (only one set so far) which I’m still getting used to and feel more and more the part (even if my skills don’t match)!  There is also the fact that for my generation, this is something that is far less common than my parents.  While I know a number of people my age that do, or have done ballroom and lain dancing, it is a very small minority, probably less than 5 if I don’t include people I have come to know from the dance classes.  I don’t think this means it is dying out.  I don’t know what the demographics for Strictly Come Dancing are, but I suspect there is a reasonable spread and that it’s not just the generations above me!

The final one year on is the blog restarting.  Hopefully it’s been entertaining, informative, possibly even though provoking on occasions during the year.  (Probably less of the last one!).  I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it and I’ve had positive feedback from people as well.  I’ve done far better at keeping it going than I have in the past and hope that I maintain that.  There have been a couple of big gaps, but sometimes life gets in the way.  (Plus sometimes I have nothing to say, though some might say that’s the case even when I do post something!)  Someone has even suggested that I even consider writing a book.  Actually not the first time it’s been suggested.  I’m not sure I have the imagination for a fiction book, at least one that I would feel would be of a reasonable quality.  Factual books are different from fictional books, but I’m not sure I’m an expert enough for that side of things either.  That just leaves experience and I doubt I’m interesting enough for that!  Maybe it’s something for me to ruminate about over the Christmas holidays.