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Like most people, I enjoy holidays, well most of the time!  There’s always an exception, but this isn’t what I’m writing about.  The title might give it away, but it’s about traveling on your own.  Well holidaying on your own, the traveling is less of an issue!  I like the idea of being able to pop away occasionally for a weekend away.  Taking just one or two days of leave for 4 days holiday seems to be a fairly good use of time, especially if you’re not having to travel too far.  However as a person traveling on my own, there are problems.

First of all I totally understand that most hotels are designed around couples (or more) and they want to get maximum occupancy for their square footage.  They are businesses and they need to make their money.  I do though believe some could be charged with being short-sighted in their policies.

What I don’t believe is so well thought out is how to provide for a solo traveler.  As a group, we’re a growing number.  In fact a recent holiday I was on probably had about 1/3 to 1/2 of the people on it having traveled alone.  I suspect there would be more solo travelers if they weren’t having to pay so much for not traveling with someone.

Not all hotels deal with the issue badly.  Some will purposefully have some single accommodation available.  Possibly due to room sizing within the hotel, possibly due to a decision to cater for us.  These are normally quite generous when it comes to the ‘single persons supplement’ that gets added.  It still gets added, even though you couldn’t fit another person in, but at least they don’t go over the top.  There are even some places that specialise in solo travelers, but they are few and far between.

What is really frustrating is what could only be called opportunism of some places with solo travelers.  In extreme cases it would almost be cheaper to pay for someone else to go with you!  Room costs of over 1/3 extra are considered totally acceptable for many hotels, with others going even further, charging nearly the price of two people in the place of one.  It’s even more galling when you find out that the hotel isn’t even close to being full and they you aren’t costing them a valuable individual in their income.

I’m hoping that in the future, with a growing single populous,  there will be more thought given to those who travel alone and that we won’t simply be seen as an easy way to get extra money.  I’m sure more of us would travel if we knew we weren’t going to get fleeced each time.  Whether there are any brave hoteliers out there that will pick up the challenge waits to be seen.