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This time last year I posted about Christmas, and I thought that maybe I should post again on the theme.  Not sure whether it will be like the Queen’s Christmas message.  I suspect not, both in terms of length and topic.  As usual I suspect I will waffle on for way too long.

I’ll take a different theme to last year.  I’ve not been to the local supermarkets in the last few days and I suspect that it may still be a little early for them to be putting out some of the stuff that they are planning to.  I do suspect that the same will happen.  There are enough repeats on TV at Christmas, so a repeat in the blogosphere isn’t required.

I thought I’d look at the idea of the signs of Christmas approaching, from what others have said they do and look forward to.

Commercially Christmas tends to come before Halloween in the UK.  It gets taken off the shelves just before Halloween for the stores to sell their Halloween merchandise, but is back up again straight after.  I think part of the reason is that there are very few festivals in the UK between the summer and Christmas.  For me both are way too early.  The idea of getting a chocolate advent calendar in October is pointless.  The chocolate will be gone long before the expected opening date!  But then again maybe that’s the intention!

I think that for most people Christmas tends to start around the beginning of the month, either when the advent calendar (or candle ) starts to get opened, or when the decorations go up.  Others will wait until the tree is purchased, though this might coincide with the other two.   Some will see sending out their Christmas cards, or maybe receiving their first as a sign that Christmas has arrived, or perhaps with the paper based theme, the double edition of the TV guides to cover Christmas and New Year.

There are probably countless other things that will symbolise the start of the Christmas period for people and I will have touched on just a few, and those that are particularly UK based.  I’m sure there are other things that happen in different countries.  Please feel free to add what starts your Christmas off, be it official or unofficial, I’m sure it will make an interesting list!

For those looking for the song title, it’s by  band called Runrig, (a Scottish band still going strong after a number of decades), and one that suits the Christmas theme.