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Slightly odd title I’ll grant you given that it’s not the end of the trip, but in hope it makes sense in due course.

Busy day and I started by doing something that I had never done before. I turned right. That. Might sound odd given I am in a fairly central hotel, but for one reason or another, I has always turned left when I had left the hotel.

While I was doing something similar to yesterday in terms of route, this time I had planned what I intended to do with less wandering time. However the right turn would help me retrace yesterday but in reverse order. I hadn’t been planning this originally, but a lack of understanding of the regions in central Prague, akin to trying to understand central London postcodes with letters and numbers where they aren’t in postcodes elsewhere in the land, meant that I has missed out on a couple of recommendations. This was not a problem as it would give me a second chance to film the ride of the funicular. I was nearly scuppered again, but decided to be a bit more forceful and others seemed more willing to move. Maybe it was the expression of determination I had or they sensed another landslide coming on should I be deprived once again.

Once at the top I made my way to the museum of the miniature. (I suspect some might be getting to grips with the title now). This was one of the smallest museums I have been to, but in terms of displays and it’s geographical size. It’s well worth the money though with a good number of things to look and and wonder over. They also didn’t seem too fussed about photographs, which is not always the case. I won’t spoil it all for people who want to visit, but famous artwork smaller than a postage stamp, and images in the eye of a needle (I’ll leave you to work out what animal that was, but it’s quite obvious if you think about it) were some of the highlights.

The next stop was a church, Loreta, that was recommended on the Time Out list. There were some wonderful sculptures, artwork (both traditional and on the walls/ceilings). The highlight was the treasury with gold and silver displays that were staggering for a place while on the maps probably isn’t in the highlights. Possibly one reason for that would be the nature of some of the pictures and images. However given I don’t want this blog to get an explicit tag, I’ll leave it at that.

At this point I contemplated hanging around at the top to see if I could catch the changing of the guard. However, like usual, my timing sucked and I would have to wait longer than I felt comfortable with. Of course by the time I had faffed around with photos (now over the 200 mark). My next mark was the river and I knew for that it would be downhill all the way.

Sadly I wasn’t aware how it would apply in more ways than one. I know that there are not issues with speed limits on the river as we were passed by a number of other boats, some even by the same company. Having looked at other organisations after the fact, I would certainly be looking elsewhere for a river cruise next time. So far it’s been the most expensive thing I’ve paid for and most definitely the least value for money. For what was covered in the time, I could have lamed it 3 time, got better pictures and provided my own uninformed commentary of a higher standard. I know who I’ll use next time!

After that somewhat large disappointment came what was the best value for money so far (of the things I’ve paid for to be honest). So far, despite my disappointment, the timing of the day was working well, and that was more than relevant given I was stopping at the astronomical clock and the. Going up the tower. The timing was such that I was aiming for dusk to get a good range of pictures. I hadn’t counted on the queue being so long after buying my ticket. (Nor did the young lady who vented her anger at myself and a gentleman behind me who stopped her pushing I with her boyfriend. Once it was made clear to him, he was willing to go back to the back of the queue. She wasn’t and vocally pointed out she didn’t like being told she should wait like everyone else. Hope they enjoyed the views when they got there!

I stayed up at the top probably longer than a lot of people. In all I went around the top 4 time getting different types of still and video images. I was also treated to a sunset as good as one could have hoped for in the conditions. I was even able to see the flashes of camera from across the river at various viewpoints, including the tower up the hill.

I was still up against the clock (again literately for 1/4 of my descent back down the clock tower) for the last part of my day. I’ve always liked films and tv stuff and in Prague is a museum to a special effects artist overshadowed probably only by Harryhausen. What Karel Zamen did given the restrictions of resources at his disposal was great and the museum to his work, just near the Lesser Town side of Charles Bridge is worth the visit and the entrance fee. An hour or mor can easily be spent there enthralled and educated about the early working of the cinema and world of film.

I needed a rest. I’d been on the move, one way or another (even if some of it was slower than a sloth on Valium) plus to make matters worse, as well as my personal battery being drained, my camera battery was also on its last legs. I hadn’t thought about how the cobbles would be affecting it but clearly it was struggling in the same way that I was. The hotel beckoned for a recharge.

Recharged I had probably my shortest excursion on the books. Coming in at an impressive number 6 of things to do in Prague was about 50 years away. Now given I was so close it is possible one might feel i had been some what slack in only getting around to it now. The truth is that this was not my first attempt. I had tried last night but the strict admissions policy meant I had been turned away. Not this was not the opera, the ballet or anything of that ilk. This was Hemmingways. To be fair I had been turned away because the place was full. They have very clear policies and one is, no seat, no space. Last night I had left it too late, tonight, while not quite breaking the door down, I was going to get in. The place is special. Even when not full it breathes style and sophistication. You get to watch you drink (normally a cocktail) being made, and you keep you cocktail waiter for the evening. Watching from my location at the bar I could see the exactness and expertise that went into each drink. Mine, a whiskey based drink was great and came with the one ice cube that I normally request when having a whiskey, though to be honest, this ice cube was almost as large as the glass, and crystal clear for quality. It was a nice away to finish the day.