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A bucket list is something that has become a popular term in recent years.  While most people will know why it is called a bucket list (things to do before you die), where is comes from might be less know.  It’s actually from the Rob Reiner film of the same name with the same idea.  The idea of things to do before you die is quite common.  I have a desk calendar based on the places to see before you die.  I’ve cheated and had a quick look through and it looks like I still have a lot of traveling to do with only 3% of the places listed having been visited.  Maybe I’d have done better on last year’s one!

I don’t really have a bucket list, at least not in terms of a physical one that I run through and check off.  That said, I think that I have managed to achieve a number of things that would appear on peoples lists.  I’ve been up Ben Nevis, spent a week on an American ranch, skied a world cup run (all be in not under world cup conditions), run and finished a marathon and probably a number of other things as well.  However all of these have come about in a sort of accidental way.

For example, with running a marathon, it was a case of supporting a friend one year and seeing some of the people going around and thinking that I had no excuse not to do this to raise money.  The ranch holiday was equally unplanned and a result of an internet search for holidays in the USA.  With both of these and all the others, I have merely taken an opportunity when it has presented itself.

I have no issues with a bucket list per se, it’s good to have targets and things that you want to do.  I however like the idea of taking an opportunity when it turns up rather than having anything planned.  Are there things that I would like to do.  Yes, just like everyone else in the world (I would hope).  There are plenty of places to still travel to, and plenty of activities still out there.  Should the opportunity to take do them arise, I’ll grab it.

Recently another opportunity has put its head above the horizon.  I’ll not comment on it now, but it will again be something that, while it may be a one off, and only appeal to a limited number of people, it will certainly be on the ‘I’ve been there and done that’ list of things I’m glad I’ve done.

Does that give me a bucket list?  Possibly a retrospective one.  My bucket is being filled with stuff I have done rather than what I’ve planned, but I hope that’s acceptable as well!  It’s certainly something I can look at and think ‘wow I did that’!