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Well I seem to have timed things well and almost managed a television like run up.

This is my 50th post, at least my 50th here.  (Previous blogs have been shut down so don’t worry, you aren’t missing out, and I may re-post some more travel stuff from other ones if my muse goes walkabout.

Like a TV series, I’ve done some repeats leading up to this.  You’d almost think that I’d planned it this way but I can assure you that it’s total chance that following the NY trip re-posts I’ve ended up at 50.

With this being a ‘mini’ landmark blog post I’m trying to think of what I can put in here that will be inspirational.  I’ll be honest, I’m struggling.

I’m not a great one for reading or enjoying ‘inspirational’ books.  The idea of ‘read this, you’ll be inspired’ doesn’t appeal.  This feeling possibly links in with my feeling over having a specific bucket list (see previous post).  Now I’m not saying that it’s not nice to hear how someone has achieved something wonderful.  Success should always be celebrated irrespective how small it might be, and that is something I don’t think is done often enough.  What I don’t like so much is the idea that this must make you feel uplifted.  That puts a lot of pressure on people and can easily lead to a negative response rather than the empowering that is being intended.  Even worse, for me, is when the ‘inspiration’ is being purposefully designed to suggest that you as an individual should be similar.  This puts even more pressure on people especially when you don’t feel as inspired or meet this new goal.

Now I should stress that I understand and appreciate people do find such stuff useful, uplifting and inspirational and I have no issue with that.  It’s great that they do.  My concern is more the scatter gun approach that is often taken.  This takes little or no consideration as to where some of the ‘audience’ are currently ‘at’ and can create the more negative results mentioned above.

So there’s no real ‘inspirational’ message from this 50th post.  The only message is that don’t feel you have to use others to set your standards.  Yes, be willing to and want to achieve, but be your own judge.  (Just in writing this I can see how it links in with the post of new year resolution post as well).

Do I have people from history and current day that I think were inspirational.  Yes, obviously, but I would suggest that is different.  I’m not trying to emulate them, and not using them as a yard stick.  I just find what they did or had to go through amazing and before you ask, I’m not putting a list down.

In society we are often encouraged to compare ourselves against others as yardsticks.  I would always take this with a great deal of caution.  It can be destructive in a number of ways.  When they ‘fail’ (either in our own eyes or the media) or when we don’t match the standard we have imposed on ourselves based on others.  We are all different and should celebrate that and set our own inspirational goals rather than letting others decide what our inspiration should be!  (Whether I’ve expressed things well here I have no idea, but I hope that what I’m trying to say is understood).