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OK, so in reality February isn’t spring time, and given the weather a lot of people I know are experiencing (UK, Europe and US) it’s still a long way off.  However the relatively still short days and colder weather outside give me to chance to do something inside.

I’m not a great one for rituals and when it comes to chores like cleaning etc., I’m not great at doing them.  I’m better at looking after the family villa if I’m there than I am my own home!  Maybe everyone is like that, but I don’t think so.  I think the motivation to do chores is easier if there is more than one of you in a property, or if you know that people are visiting.  That said we can probably all agree that in terms of cleaning there is ‘clean’ and then there is ‘parent clean’, a level that is not normally noticeable by most, but impossible to achieve irrespective of the effort put in.

All that said, I’ve felt it time for a good clean.  I seem to have developed a mood for it so should embrace it while I do.  However cleaning is no longer a simple task (or at least so we are made to believe.  Just walking down the aisle in the local supermarket indicates how many different ways there are to clean!  Personally I’m in favour of the ‘cloth, water and washing up liquid’ approach whenever possible.  This will disappoint a number of companies, but they need not totally despair as I am always willing to try out a new product in case it really does make a difference.  (So far it’s a minimal number of products).  I recently tried a new bathroom cleaner that apparently could just be washed off after 15 mins.  Couldn’t see the difference myself so it was back to the more traditional approach.

What I have also noticed when it comes to cleaning is what is and isn’t permitted.  I have one product I use regularly because I find it far more effective than anything else, but at the same time I’d a ‘gloves and don’t get on the skin’ product.  I’m waiting for it to be banned.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the garden products that I have used in the past have been taken off of the shelves in recent years because of the chemicals they use.  I don’t have a major issue with this as such, but have often found that the alternatives are not up to the job.  I would love to find something that is good at getting rid of ivy.  (Feel free to give suggestions).  Products that my parents have recommended in the past are no longer available!  However I’m digressing onto gardening and that’s another post!

Despite what I’ve said at the start I don’t think or feel that I’m a particularly messy person.  Things never get out of control to the point that the house is a tip.  However having a thorough clean does give a different feel to a room.   (I’m only part way through so can’t say the house yet).  Knowing that it’s been done is a good feeling.  There’s also the bonus of what you might find when you pull out the arm chair etc.  Maybe there is a little bit (only a small bit) of me that is house proud but maybe it’s just the feeling of a job well done that doesn’t need to be done for a while.

Of course, there is the downside to all of this, and it isn’t that it needs to be done again all too quickly.  While, as mentioned, there is the benefit of finding long lost things, there is also the downside of not being able to find some stuff because of the tidy up.  I suppose it’s part of the whole idea of the universe being in balance!  So, with that said…A Hunting I Must Go…there’s at least two things that have disappeared in the last couple of days!