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Hopefully I’ve made it clear from previous posts that I enjoy time outside.  This has ranged from sporty stuff all the way through to just being outside in the fresh air.  About half way in-between that spectrum would be working on the garden.

It may be February, but it’s never too early to be thinking about the garden.  In fact I bought some seeds the other day that I will need to look at sowing at some point soon.

My neighbour once called the work I do on the garden a labour of love.  I’m not sure that I would totally agree with him, but it has been, and will continue to be something that I work on.  I’ve commented before that gardens are rarely ‘finished’ so won’t repeat myself here.  My aim would have to be that it just becomes something that is fun, though a constant battle with weeds never seems it at the time.

One thing I do wish I had done was to take photos of the garden when I first moved it.  It was clear that certain parts of the garden had not been looked after.  There were oddities, some of which still exist, and some of which I have only discovered in the years following my purchase.  The best description would be that I was losing out on about 4 meters of width from the lower section of the garden.  It took 3 friends and 32 black bags of ivy just to make a start.

As the weather hopefully starts to improve time will come again to spend more and more time getting things ready for the summer.  I’m thinking of a few changes this year.  Possibly getting in one of the lawn care companies to look after that side of things.  Given the cost and time of doing this myself (I’m not talking about cutting the lawn, just the care treatments) I think that it may well be a shrewd move.

Some of the plants need to be replaced due to size and location.  It seems odd to be doing that given the plants are perfectly healthy, but sometimes, after a number of years replacement is the only solution.  Whether I replace like with like I don’t know.  Some friend have just moved into a new property so they might like the established plants I’d be looking and replacing.  At least that way they will still be useful.

There will be work to be done on the vegetable patch which has suffered from its annual attack of weeds over the winter, and I need to find something that will counter the animals that have decided they are going to try digging stuff up.  The measures that I have had in place over the winter don’t seem to have worked.  I suspect that will be the biggest challenge of the year.

I’ve managed to grab a couple of days in the garden, but the weather has been very much the enemy so far.  Basic pruning and maintenance has been the best I’ve been able to manage so far and there is still more to do in just that area!  Hopefully things will improve and I’ll get more time as the year progresses.  It is, after all, only February.