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Weather forecasts change daily in the UK, sometimes from hour to hour, but especially in terms of a long term forecast.  I have an insider at the Met Office who has told me that anything beyond 3 hours is a ‘best guess’ and the further away you get, the larger the guess work becomes.  Nothing too surprising in that, so I’ve not been too surprised that the snow prediction I saw for a couple of weeks ahead has now vanished.  It may re-appear, who knows.  After 3 years on the trot of snow disruption a year off will be welcome.

Don’t think that I don’t like the snow!  I’m a regular skier and have blogged on it before.  However with a long term shoulder injury (I think it’s nearly healed) I decided not to risk it this year and swapped the holiday for a second ranch holiday later in the year instead.  I suspect I’ll be back on the slopes next year.

In the place of a ski trip this year I’ve been enjoying coverage of the Winter Olympics.  In this modern era I’m able to pick and choose what coverage I want, which means I can watch the less popular sports that I enjoy and not have to reply on what a single tv channel can provide.  It’s a great advantage of modern technology meaning that I can watch things like the biathlon and ice hockey as well as the curling. Sadly we’ve also seen the less pleasant side of technology at the games with the trolling of one of the British speed skaters to the point where they closed down their account so they don’t have to deal with the unpleasantness at what should be a highlight of their competitive career.

I’m lucky that my work enables me to have a small window (on the computer) open so I can listen to the coverage, and given I’m an early riser, the 4 hour time difference hasn’t been too much of a problem.  Having been to the summer Olympics a couple of times in London, I was quite tempted (a bit late as they had already started) to try a long weekend in Sochi to get some of the flavour.  In the end, because of the lateness of the decision it was an impractical option at over £2000.  Maybe another time.  Korea may be too far to go in for the next one, but hopefully at some point in the future I’ll make it.  I’m pretty sure that some of the events will look even more stunning in real life than on the tv.