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Like many people I have pets. Fish aren’t always considered as pets, or when they are mentioned at a pet there can often be a sense of ‘oh is that all’. However anyone who is a serious fish keeper will happily inform you that there is far more to it than just putting a fish in a tank and letting it swim around. Ok there isn’t the physical size of taking them for a walk (at least I hope not), but if you’re to care for the fish it does take time.

Modern tanks make things a bit easier, but for those of us with an old fashioned tank, water changes, filter media changes etc, all take a fair bit of time and are not always the easiest thing. I for one would always struggle with getting the external filter properly closed with enough water to enable to pumping process to be efficient. Some of the positions I ended up moving the filter into would probably cause most to smirk.

For this reason I’ve been, over a long period of time, been decommissioning my old tank. As part of a big move around I’ll be replacing it with a smaller modern tank that will sit in a different position and allow a different layout. Decommission is a slow process. Over the years (yes years), having made this decision, I’ve chosen not to replace the livestock. I’ve not neglected them, but just chosen not to replenish given the changes I was planning. I’ve recently reached the stage where I’m ready to change things over, and by this weekend will have had my new tank cycling for long enough to be able to finalise the change. I have the whole weekend free to be able to do this. By the end I should be able to have the lounge in a new layout.

However I have one small problem in this transfer. I have, like many, a shrimp in my tank. Good for eating algae etc. they are quite common. It’s probably the longest standing aquatic in the tank.

Now like many youngsters who spent time at the sea, I’d go shrimping at low tide. Maybe it’s just fond memories, but I seem to remember having little issue with catching shrimps. Of course it was a bigger net! I have had considerably less success with the shrimp in my tank. Obviously I am wanting to be gentle and I don’t want to traumatise it and that probably is slowing things down, especially as I need to wait a reasonable period of times between attempts to lessen the stress on it. In addition shrimps can motor across a tank with surprising speed and they disappear from sight easily as well. (I’ve taken out a lot of hiding places to try to make the job easier).

So far it is a slow process as it’s refused to play ball and I’ve had a number of attempted to encourage it into a water filled bag etc. I’m hoping that over the course of the weekend when I have a bit more time I might be more triumphant. At the moment though I feel like I’m losing a battle of wits with a shrimp, which is embarrassing. I won’t lose patience though and I will ensure that even if it takes a bit longer I’ll move it the best way possible. I just may have to resort to browsing the internet for suggestions.