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Ok, just a quick update from the beer festival as promised.

For one reason or another it had a very different feel to it from previous years.  Maybe it was the fact that the chap selling t-shirts wasn’t there that added to it (I don’t think so but it was one of the first things we all noticed!).  Possibly it’s being seen as a luxury night out as while it’s good fun, it’s not a cheap event.

The local beers were probably the most popular, which was nice, as often there is the problem of finding a nice ale and then never seeing it again!  There was even a nice porter that was local that will sub in for my favourite in-between festivals!  (Assuming I can find it on the shelves!)

There was a good selection of ales from around the country and thankfully there were only a couple that were on the list to try that weren’t available, so that made it quite a successful night, and I managed to get a nice mix of different types (ales, porters etc).

Did have an added bonus of the group of us being given the equivalent to an extra £3 of tokens by strangers who were leaving.  Didn’t ask for them, just randomly happened to be in the right place at the right time!  Passed the favour onto others after we had finished as well, so kept the spirit of generosity going.

I recently purchased a nice big coffee-table book entitled 1001 beers to try before you die (obviously not in one night!) so I’m going to have fun having a look through that to see if I’m managed to tick off some from the festival.  There is always the problem that there are new ales being brewed all the time so the list could well change by next edition!  I’m sure I’ll cope and enjoy such a change though!

Recommendations if you could find them would include…Boggart Hole Clough – Rum Porter; Hastings – Handmade 5 : Galaxy; Oakham – Citra; W J King – Black Symphony