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There has been quite a bit of time pass in my ballroom and latin American dancing world.  Quite a bit has happened so an update is probably due.

Reality has sunk in.  I’ve had both a dance competition and a dance exam within the last couple of weeks.  Neither has quite gone according to plan.

The exam was probably the worst of the two!  I had two dances, Quickstep and Jive.  To be honest the quickstep isn’t my favourite by a long shot, but I’m normally ok with it!  For the exam though my mind just went blank!  I started fine, down the long side with a basic, lock and tipple and then I don’t know, in fact can’t remember what I did.  I know I didn’t stop, which is good but I also know that there was a lot of messy stuff from that point on!  I was able to demonstrate that I could do spin turns and will have been able to show a good example of all that I knew, just now in one go.  I’ve been told that unless they are being harsh, at the level I’m dancing, I shouldn’t be failed, but you never know!  It won’t be a glorious pass put it that way!  My teacher felt I probably over thought things rather than just go in there and do it!  It was certainly the worst I had danced it for a number of months!  The Jive was much better and I’m hoping that it will bring my overall score up so that if nothing else I at least pass that level!  At the moment having to re-do the quickstep isn’t something I’d be looking forward to!

The competition was a different kettle of fish.  I was actually quite pleased with how I danced.  I didn’t make a mistake in the waltz like I had at the previous competition, and my CCC was ok as well.  However this time I wasn’t destined for a final.  There were only 5 men in my age group and competition level which mean we didn’t get our own competition.  Annoyingly I knew there was at least one other person there who would have been in the group, but they had elected not to dance.  Had they we’d have had our own competition, and automatic final and ‘silverware’ (It’s plastic in reality).  So as a result I was dancing against the ladies and a lot more people.  In many respects it’s good to be reminded that I still have a long way to go.  A good number of the people I was dancing against have a couple of year of experience on me, so I’m not too surprised or disappointed that I didn’t get past the first round, though it was encouraging to be told that they thought I’d been harshly done on my CCC.

Interestingly the whole dance school didn’t fare as well as the previous competition.  Different judges look for different things and whereas previously we had someone through to the final in every event entered, we had some where no competitors even got through the first round.  So in that respect it was probably a learning curve for everyone.

Obviously I don’t have two left feet, though I probably felt like it after the recent exam.  It’s all a learning process and one that I am still enjoying.  I’m not sure when I’ll compete again, and if I need to retake the exam, then June isn’t too far away.  I’ll know in 6 weeks.  Everything is done by paper and post, even in the modern age, which does drag things out.