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I’ve said in the past that gardens are never finished, but an on-going process of development. They are also an on-going cycle of maintenance. The most regular of these being the lawn. In the summer, unless it’s drought conditions, I’ll normally have to give mine a short back and sides every other week.

In previous years I have normally done all of this myself. Tasks range from regularly cutting the lawn, removing weeds, treating it with a weed and feed moss killer solution (and still having to manually take out most of the weeds) and keeping the edge and gully in order. Those tasks, by chance, are in order of frequency. This year though I am planning on ditching the weed and feed. There are now a number of lawn care companies that will turn up, treat the lawn and leave. I’ve yet to have a quote myself, but from everything I have heard from others, it is likely that they will cost less than buying the materials myself, and that’s before the time I have to spend applying the stuff to the lawn. I’ll still be responsible for all the other stuff, so I don’t think I’m being too lazy!

I’ve also started a sort of scientific experiment on my lawn this year. Obviously this is science in the loosest use of the term. I had some of the weed and feed left from last year, enough for one application of the entire lawn. Not wanting to waste things, I’ve put that down and waited the required time before taking further action. Time is a valuable commodity now-a-days and I’m curious to see if I’ve been wasting time, or been spending it wisely in producing a better lawn. In the past, after treatment, I’ve done a cut, rake and then another cut (primarily to tidy the lawn a bit). This year, on three bits of lawn I’ve done things differently to see if there is any difference in the results. One is the method mentioned above. The other two are a rake and then a cut and just a cut. Ok, so not much of a science experiment, and there are probably plenty of holes in it relating to controls and other factors that could affect the results. However I’m going to find it useful and it will tell me if I’m doing the right thing or not.

I will also be keen to see if using an outside company with their treatments will help produce a nicer lawn as well. Only time will tell.

I suspect some are wondering why I’m putting that much time into my lawn. Well apart from it looking nice, I am also keen on lawn games and have a number that get regularly played when friends come round in the summer, but that for another post!