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Working in a world where there are over a thousand projects being set up project management is a frequent discussion, under one title or another and we provide a number of resources that those involved these projects can utilise. Indeed there are probably even more books that have been written than we have projects set up per year!

Thankfully though I won’t be boring you with the ins and outs of PM techniques, so for those who love them, sorry, no Gantt Charts! If you’re looking for them, best stop now!

OK, so now I’ve got a smaller audience, I’ll carry on. The projects I’m talking about are the ones that we take on ourselves to do rather than have someone else do them themselves, or as is more commonly called DIY!

I like to think that I’m a fairly capable person and like many others, will happily turn their hand to DIY. There’s a few areas that I won’t touch, water, electrics (beyond wiring a plug to setting up a security light), roofing (other than felting a shed), concreting and external work on the house that isn’t related to gardening (i.e. putting up a trellis). That might seem a long list, but it still leaves plenty of stuff to get myself stuck into.

Like many people, over the years I’ve started a few projects. However not all of them have been completed. None of these outstanding projects are issues in terms of making life uncomfortable by them not being finished. Nor do I suspect that many people even know they exist unless I tell them, such is their nature.

However, over the weekend, while working on one of these outstanding projects, I decided that this year will be the year of finishing the projects!

I have 3 that are outstanding!

The first is replacing the garage door! At the moment I have an door that is old, metal, flaking and with counter weights that don’t quite work. I was lucky enough to be given some replacement wooden doors that will look far nicer! They need treating and painting (inside and out) and while I had started by doing the outside, I hadn’t moved onto the inside. That is now rectified and I can go back to the extra coats on the outside, getting the glazing done and then finally putting them in place (will probably need help for the last bit)! There is also the other issue of getting rid of the old door, but I’ll deal with that when it comes to it!

The second is the boarding of the loft/attic. The majority of this has been done, indeed without it I would have been in trouble, but I very quickly was able to board the edges of the loft. The centre (already boarded but in need of replacing) has started, but again stopped, partly because I needed to start doing a lot more measuring and cutting to size.

The final one is a display case that needs recolouring. I did have a rather poor first attempt so will need to have a think about how to eliminate errors and start again without buying a new unit! This will in all likely hood be the last one I tackle and may well move over into the following year if a solution doesn’t quickly present itself!

So, three major(ish) projects to aim for. Two of them being attainable if I put my mind to it. Hopefully by the end of the year they will have moved on at the minimum, if not be totally finished.