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Like a lot of people, I like to read. Like a lot of people, I find it difficult to find time to read!

As someone who is a blog writer, I know there are people who enjoy reading, at least I hope so or I’m writing this to no-one! In reality I do know there are people out there who read my blog. There are close friends who do as well as those who come across the blog by chance. Some will stay, some will move on. I would like to be a more prolific reader than I am, but two things tend to get in my way. The first is life! I often find myself busy in the evenings (in a good way). Knowing myself as I do, when I start to read a book I like to really get into it rather than just dive in for 5 mins a day (and the reason for that will follow and make sense). With everything else going on it means that I don’t often have that opportunity. The second reason is that I don’t find reading easy. I’m a slow reader. It will take me longer to read a page than most, and that’s through a slight element of dyslexia. (It’s never been something that has been a major issue and hasn’t stopped me reading, but it does mean that I’m slower that some of my contemporaries. (This being the reason why I need a good period of time to get into a book).

My main opportunity for reading tends to come on beach holidays where I relax and do more or less nothing. I’ll do a good amount then and if I push myself can get through four or 5 books in a week depending on their size and nature. It’s a time where even though I’m busy reading I can often feel the pressures of the world ‘fall off me’ as I relax and unwind, even though I can’t read as quickly as I’d like.

I will concede that I cheat somewhat as well with my ‘reading’ in that I will often listen to a book rather than read it. I know there are some purists out there who would insist that it’s not the same as reading the paper (or electronic version now-a-days) but if it’s the unabridged version I remain unconvinced. The only difference I can see is that the voices of the characters are decided for you, but in everything else I believe that there isn’t much of a difference. Creating the imagery in your mind for how characters and settings look is still up to me. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, for people with dyslexia, especially those who suffer far worse than I, it is an excellent way to be able to enjoy books. There are plenty of classics available free of charge and anything that brings strong literary writings to people who would otherwise put it aside should be encouraged. (There is another argument here about the use of graphic novels (or comics as some people might want to call them) as an aide to reading and there has been good research to prove they can be a useful gateway. However I digress somewhat.)

I’ve yet to firm up my reading list. There are a number of options available so I will have to give it some thought, especially in terms of not taking too much to read. Maybe I’ll review the books I do get through as part of a post later.