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I’ve posted negatively on social media a number of times, and how leaving some of it behind has been a positive experience for me. This continues to be the case and I have no plans on changing anything in that respect.

However I felt that it would be ungracious of me not to also mention that I have recently found that some social media has helped me save money.

I needed some information from an airline company for the entertainment options on one of their flights.   As you’ll know from my previous post, I like to have a good choice of entertainment when I fly and the information I was getting was contradictory. On the entertainment section of their website I was told that the flight would have overhead shared screens, but on the sections about their planes and routes the information was that it would be AVOD back of the chair type entertainment. Obviously, for those who have read the previous post, this was something I wanted to clear up.

To their website I went and dutifully sent an email to their customer services team. I was disappointed by the reply. No it wasn’t that the flight would have overhead screen.   It was that they weren’t prepared to answer the question, they would only deal with post flight questions and that should I want information in advance, I should call a national rate number and ask them. I have experience of this sort of thing and know that often you end up spending a long time on a phone only to be told they couldn’t say because changes can happen at the last minute. While I accept that these changes can happen I do not understand why they can’t say ‘under normal circumstances…’ especially if I’ve already said that I understand they can’t guarantee anything. However, that in itself is not the focus.

So, I’m less than happy I’ve been told I’m going to have to pay. I then remember that a friend of mine has said that this company is very good on Twitter. So I decide to take a different tack and ask them about the situation via Twitter.   Now the limits of 144 characters posed a few problems and there were a couple of ‘false starts’ in terms of getting across what I was looking for in terms of information, but after a brief exchange I had my answer. Great that I had the answer I was hoping for, even better that I had been able to get the information without having to resort to the phone line.

I understand that this use of Twitter is not the most common, but it is a good way for companies to be able to engage with their customers, and in real time as well. More companies could produce better loyalty from customers with this model. I’ll certainly be looking at using Twitter to contact companies where email enquiries get a similar response to the above and no Freephone number is provided.