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So obviously I enjoy writing. I wouldn’t have a blog if that wasn’t the case.

It is a long way from my youth and I wonder, if shifted forward in time to the present day anything would be different. I suspect not. Writing and reading are not natural to me. I have a slight degree of dyslexia. Nothing that is even really measurable, certainly nothing that would provide me with assistance in exams. Therefore writing and reading often take a bit longer for me than some.   I don’t mind, it’s just the way things are.

At school there was a distinct lack of faith in my writing ability. To be fair I could understand it to a degree as I was slower than most of the class and would make mistakes that others didn’t.   This led to situations where if I did produce a story that was particularly good, the automatic assumption was that I had received considerable help. This was particularly annoying on one of the pieces (I can’t remember the name or plot but it involved a tree!) that was possibly my best and I never got the credit I felt it deserved. I can still remember the story I had to write for my exams though. I had a number of choices of titles and opted for ‘Getting Away From It All’. I like to think that I can be creative at times and have nice ideas for a plot and based this at a disco with someone needing to get away from the noise.   Plenty of description etc and with a nice ‘twist’ at the end (something that we were encouraged to do) that their friends came and encouraged them back into the disco, so they couldn’t ‘Get away from it all’ (Again we were encouraged to finish with a line similar to that which we started with).   (Watership Down is a wonderful example of this if you’ve ever read it!). I was pleased with what I’d written and it got a B.

I have been encouraged by a number of people who have read my blog to see if I can get anything published. A friend and I have, on a few occasions, talked about submitting something for competition. There’s a lot of these available now, which is good given how difficult getting published through traditional means can be. We are very different writers, both in style and content so we shouldn’t really end up competing against each other which will be good.   (I know I’d lose!)   Entering a writing competition isn’t easy though. As my friend and I have discovered, there is far more to it than just writing something. The main rule seems to be that something can’t have been published before, and that includes in a blog (so this isn’t being submitted lol). It does put me in a slight quandary though as what I feel (and you’re welcome to disagree) I write best is travel experiences. That means that all the stuff I have blogged about in the past can’t be used. I’m also unsure how a ‘second review’ of a place I revisit would be taken.   Thankfully I have recently had an idea for something in terms of travel that might be both novel enough and of the right length to submit. The question then will be which competition I submit to, but that is for a later date.   I need to write it first and that won’t be for a while.

All this brings me to wonder what my teachers would feel about this.   Clearly in the modern age there are more opportunities to be published online, but I’d still see it as an achievement.   I am, of course, jumping ahead.   These competition will received thousands of entries and I doubt that my thoughts and experiences will interest most, but if I don’t submit something, I’ll never know. If it appears here in a few months’ time then needless to say, it wasn’t to be this time. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying. Maybe somewhere deep down I have something to prove to those who felt I couldn’t write.