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As I write this, I’m still struggling for a title.  Hopefully one will come during the following ramblings.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t get to read as much as I like due to time and other things and that I cheat a little using audio books instead.  There are lots of quality stories available free of charge online by up and coming writers covering all sorts of genres and I would heartily recommend anyone who likes listening to stories to check some of them out.  Some have even gone on to be officially published once they have prooved successful.  There are some organisations that will offer recognised books at a significant discount or even free of charge on a monthly basis or similar.

Recently one such site that I get a monthly free book from offered me a book that I had read and remembered enjoying.  It was an abridged version, but I eagerly downloaded it to give myself a chance of revisiting it on my drive to work.

I will be totally honest and say that revisiting this book that I had enjoyed in my youth was disappointing.  There could be a whole host of reasons, but listening to it now, some of the lines seem very forced and very over the top.  It could be how it has been read.  (Done so by the author so I’m assuming the emphasis is as it is meant to be).  It could be that an abridged version has lead to some of these lines turning up more frequently than in the full version and thus they stand out more.  It could be that I’ve just changed in what and how I read and what may have passed as either good or unnoticable in youth no stands out like a sore thumb.

Pleae don’t misundersand me, I don’t wish that I hadn’t done it.  While it is clear that my tastes and possibly standards for writing have changed and I see the book in a different light now, I do still have the memory of enjoying it in my youth and will hold that memory.  I also know that I don’t need to revisit the book and can leave it on the bookshelf.  Reading it in full again may have spoilt that.

I will continue to listen to books and won’t steer away from books that I have read, after all there are some books that I have read and since enjoyed an audio version of them, but possibly they have been better books in terms of the written work.

I’ve now thought of a title, it’s not very good, but it’ll do.  I think it sort of fits lol.