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Well it’s been a few weeks since the holiday and there is the very odd feeling that it feels just like yesterday, but at the same time like forever away. I’m sure the ‘yesterday’ feelings come from the fact that the memory still burns bright and that I’ve been writing up the holiday for the blog. I’m also sure that part of comes from the wonderful friendships that get made there. The fact that I have heard from just about everyone and some more than once I feel shows that the ranch creates an environment that creates long lasting genuine friendships. I’ve said to many people that I wish I could find a way of letting everyone, whether they be a horse rider or not, to get to experience a holiday there, such is the experience.

I have to thank so many people for helping make the holiday so wonderful. All the staff at the ranch do such a wonderful job it is difficult to single people out. And that is everyone at the ranch. Office staff, catering staff, waiting staff, cleaning staff, grounds staff, wranglers, volunteers and last but not least the True family.

Returning to work is always difficult after a great holiday, it was hard last time and this time was no less difficult. It is such a wonderfully different way of life to the office cubical that most of us are stuck with. It’s just good that I have other distractions that involve being outside. What makes it a fraction easier is knowing that it won’t be long before I am back out there.

One thing that I have really noticed upon returning this time around has been the riding. Coming back I have really noticed how small the saddles in the UK are. Indeed I almost felt like I was about to fall out on my first ride out, though maybe I was and just held my balance. I will certainly have to have a few lessons to get back into the swing of it again!

There are lots of people I have met and made friends with who will be heading out at the same time next year, which is now leaving me with the issue of either having this holiday twice a year or picking which to go to. I know I would like to go twice a year, but with the flights the price tag can be problematic. I know that if I was out in the US I’d be there twice a year without any questions, such is the difference in flight costs.

This finally brings me onto those also on holiday who helped make the holiday the fun that it was. As a single traveller I have been to places where you are left alone and welcomed by other guests. Ursula and Carlos get a special thanks for letting me spend so much time with you and for letting me win at Triolet J. It was wonderfully ironic that we didn’t all transfer from the airport together as intended due to my plane being late given we rode and ate together just about every other day of the holiday. Louise, Gil, Carolyn, along with the others I don’t think that I have laughed so much and for so long at meals times. It was wonderful spending time with you all. Annie, it was great to get to know you and chat on the rides and outside the rooms. I think I owe you a number of beers now! Lindsay, for putting up with my rubbish French (I failed twice at school). There are others as well that I could equally mention, but I have to limit the numbers so that it doesn’t become an Oscar speech!

I had thought that I would not be writing as much as I had done previously as it was a return trip. I’ve managed to prove that to be wrong, partly because I did different things this time. However I also think that so much happens at the ranch, that even if you miss out on things, and remember I skipped the critter show, the singing cowboy and the art workshop in the evenings, that there will always be wonderful stories from the holiday. In that respect, who knows how much I’ll write next time around. All I know is that it will be another wonderful holiday!