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I haven’t mentioned the garden in quite a while, so it’s probably time to return to that!

So far the science in the garden has had mixed results. The official science of the bees and beans is going well now after a delayed start due to holidays. Will be interested to see how it develops. The testing of how much to treat the lawn, rake it and cut it doesn’t seem to have shown significant difference, so I may be saving some time in that respect in the future! The biggest disappointment has been that I’ve put down grass seed a few times and for some reason it’s not taking. I don’t have large areas of no grass but it’s frustrating that these patches won’t take. I may well have to be doing something more time consuming with them to encourage a more grassy area.

I have had success though and this is in the area of veg growing. Unlike the grass seed, Nearly all of the tomato, courgette and squash seeds that I planted have grown into full plants, and for the latter two, now well protected in the enclosed veg patches, seem to be thriving. I can see courgette’s already growing. So far I can’t see any squashes, and am away that last time I tried them the plants grew but I didn’t get any produce. My biggest success though, much to my amazement has been the aubergine seeds that I planted. I wasn’t expecting to have more than about 10-20 plants from the seeds, but have ended up with a remarkable sixty four. Not all of them will necessarily survive the re-potting, and it’s possible that I won’t get much fruit from each plant, but it left me having to double up on the pots as I didn’t have enough pots or compost for all of them.

So, all in all, I may be finding that by the end of the growing season I could be running out of space to freeze all the crop. Depending on how it goes I could easily be in the market for a cheap second hand freezer!

I have one final project for the garden that concerns and area that is affected by tall trees.   Unsurprisingly grass doesn’t grow well there and it often looks untidy and weeds flourishing where the grass doesn’t grow. The plan will be to turn the last half meter or so into a shaded flower bed where I can put plants that enjoy that sort of environment. I have a number of plants that could move there from other places already, and some that could be split to create more of the same. The adage of gardens never being finished remains and if in the future the trees go, well the fence is still there that creates some shade as well, so it won’t have to be something that has to change in the future.   If anyone wants to recommend plants that do well in shaded areas, especially where sycamores are present in large numbers and size, I’m happy for suggestions in the comments.

All of that should keep me nicely busy outside in the coming months.