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I alluded quite some time ago (well over half a year) in a post about dancing, that I would have something more to post about it at the right time. Now that I’m starting to catch up, the time is right.

Back when I made my original post I was talking about entering a dance competition in Bournemouth. The results of that competition were to lead to this post and an experience that many will not experience. Not quite the full blown bucket list experience I was hoping for, but a good one none the less.

By entering the Bournemouth competition and having enough men in the competition for it to be a straight final, I had automatically qualified for the grand finals in Blackpool in November. OK, it was still in the lowest ability group, but nonetheless I was heading to Blackpool for the biggest event for the masses of amateur dancers who attend classes or groups week in week out.

Sadly the competition wasn’t to be held in the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. It used to be, but the competition has outgrown it, having too many attendees to be able to fit. Instead it’s at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, although again there are going to be space issues in the future as a few years on the space is getting tight.


While not as grand, the Winter Gardens are still impressive, especially the ballroom, which itself was large enough for the office I work in to be plonked in the middle and there would still be space to waltz round the edge! And to be clear, I’m talking about the dance floor, not the building as a whole!

There is more than just competition involved with a short display from some professionals on the Saturday evening, hopefully to inspire us all rather than make us realise how far we have to go!

The whole event was good fun and nerves didn’t get the better of me too much. There were a certain amount given the size of the dance floor and the grandness of the occasion. I didn’t win anything, but then I didn’t expect to. My quickstep wasn’t great, but then it’s what I would call my nemesis dance. My Cha Cha Cha was better and I managed to get through to the quarter final stage.

All too quickly the weekend had gone, but I am definitely looking forward to making a return trip next year. Of course, between now and then I have to qualify!