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Time is moving on. This time in more ways than just the absence of a post for a while. There have been a plethora of reasons for the lack of blog posts, but it’s just been one of those times where time has slipped away. However time moving on in that respect isn’t what I am referring to. For this is about time in respect of age. It just happens that I haven’t posted for a while either.

For the last two months there has been something new that I have been getting used to in my life. It was, to be fair, expected as I’d been warned about this two years ago and given my family not unexpected. Finally I have succumbed to the need for glasses for close up work. In fact they are on while I write this. (I’ve a habit of forgetting to put them on, but assume that in time I will remember more often). It was a marginal call to be honest. Only one eye is affected and by the minimal amount possible (0.25). I was even advised to have a second test just in case. I opted not to as I had been feeling a little strain in one of my eyes and suspect, slight as this is, that was the cause.

Now I’ve worn glasses plenty of times, sunglasses that is, but this feels very different. For one thing I am far more aware of the frame on these than I am with my sunglasses. I wonder if it is more noticeable for me given that in one eye there is no difference to the vision outside of the lens and with the other it is slight. Or, is it more noticeable for people with vision that need glasses all the time and anything outside of the frame is just a blur. I will have to (tactfully of course) ask some friends and fine out.

This development was expected. My last eye test had said I would probably need glasses by the next test, though clearly it was only just! Additionally both my parents have them as well, so there was an element of it being a matter of time. I think I have (and others have said that I have) picked a pair that suit me. I tried on quite a few pairs at the shop and try as I might I couldn’t find a pair that weren’t designer ones that suited as well as the ones I have.

One thing that has surprised me with having glasses is how quickly they get dirty. Maybe it is just to do with the newness of them but I seem to be wiping them clean more often than I expected. Possibly, like many things, I will get more relaxed with them over time and not be getting out the cleaning cloth all the time.

So, I embark on a new age in my life, ok it’s not major one, but it makes me wonder what else might be around the corner.