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In my eagerness to get a post out I forgot about something new that I wanted to include in the blog posts for this trip. It’s only applicable for the days that I actually ride, so on the first day when I arrived it wasn’t something that I needed to include and from then I sort of went into auto pilot for the next post. Hopefully I’ll remember with the others!

Like many people with smart phones, I have a sports tracking app. It doesn’t cover everything, but they are constantly being updated with new functions. To my pleasure when browsing through it I discovered that in one of its updates, there was now the ability to track horse riding, something I hadn’t been able to in the past. I had been planning to track things just using the app in a more general capacity but being able to specifically track horse riding was even better.

I would like to give my official thanks to Sport Tracker for both providing this update, but also for agreeing to let me post screenshots of the data I produced from the rides in my blogs. There are also links that will take you to the specific ride (if I’ve got the setting right) and you will be able to look at the more interactive element of the app, including being able to look at speed and altitude details.

I hope that it adds something to the posts that you find both interesting and enjoyable.

The details for the Monday morning slow ride where I got to meet my horse for the first time.

Monday Morning Slow Ride

Monday Slow

Monday Morning Slow Ride Link

Details of the Monday afternoon sidewinder ride that goes into the mountains a little bit before heading back to the ranch.

Monday Afternoon Sidewinder Ride

Monday Sidewinder

Monday Afternoon Sidewinder Ride Link

Links and screen shots courtseyof Sports Tracker