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While I haven’t blogged about it, I’ve been dancing throughout the year and headed off to the finals in Blackpool again. I didn’t expect much success but it’s a good laugh and a nice break from work.  The car behaved this time given last year’s engine light experience after 3 miles!

I only qualified in one of the two dance styles, but they have an unqualified competition as well, so I got to dance both Latin and ballroom. One thing that a number of us at the competitions this year have noticed is that often your eyes get drawn to the same person on the dancefloor time and time again. It’s not intentional, but it happens. The more you’re noticed, the more chance you have to impress, or potentially otherwise as the case may be for me! I’ve therefore went to the ‘expense’ of glitzing up a little to get noticed a bit more. It seemed to do the trick as I got into the semis. Hopefully I’m also improving so it’s something I’ll never be able to confirm one way or another but I can always credit it now.

New this year therefore is a patterned waistcoat with silver grey swirls, a silver grey and black bowtie and a black dress shirt to better show the waistcoat and bowtie. All of these were via eBay and were less than £40 in total. In the Latin I already had a shirt for the dance, so the question was how to provide a bit more show. The answer was in a belt buckle from the ranch. Their show buckle was ideal for this and apparently absolutely fine for the dancing. (I was concerned that it might be considered too much, but apparently not).

There’s now a rest for a couple of months before the wheel turns full circle and the local competitions start again.