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So, the blog has been quite for a bit but that really because it’s been a rough start to the year. In reality it was probably last year that it all began, just before Christmas.

Just before the office shut for Christmas loads of staff came back despite not being well enough, so they could enjoy the half day that was the Christmas meal in the afternoon, and to show they weren’t ill over the whole Christmas and New Year closure. This had a knock on effect on me in that I was then ill just before Christmas itself. Unfortunately that isn’t a good time to be recovering as when I should have been resting I was busy preparing Christmas Day meals and the like (I wasn’t contagious at this point, just exhausted from being ill). This meant that I didn’t feel half way human really until close to the New Year.

I suspect that I never fully recovered as midway through January I picked up some sort of virus. Now I don’t want to overplay this as there are plenty of people suffering far more serious ailments than I. However the effect was such that at shortly after midnight I was considering phoning someone to help as I was shaking (and I mean shaking not shivering) so much even with an extra jumper and fleece dressing gown that I was struggling to put the heating on. Thankfully I managed to hold my hand still enough to override the timer and still shaking crawled back into bed where the shakes slowly resided.

This had me out of action for 5 days and in all fairness I probably went back to work sooner than I should have. Slowly I thought I was getting better but then came the cough and the tooth ache. The cough I could cope with, and with meds it slowly went away. The tooth ache was a different matter and in the end a trip to the dentist followed. The upshot of this was the discovery that an infection under a root canal wasn’t clearing up but merely going dormant for periods of time and having been ill, it had kicked back to life. The long and short of it is the tooth will have to go to give the infection a chance to heal. While it’s hardly what I want, the alternatives of the infection spreading as worse.

During this period I also discovered that I had managed to irritate either my throat or neck glands (probably when I was ill earlier as well, and that sneezing and ‘keeping it in’ was painful. (Don’t worry, I’m being careful not to spread germs and the sneezing has more or less stopped now, but it was just another ‘Oh great, what next’ moment.

Having got over that I’ve picked up a cold just in time for the tooth removal.

Now I’m trying to take some positives from all of this. One is that if it wasn’t for the virus, then the tooth wouldn’t have flared up and it is possible the dormant infection could have been left unchecked and spread. At least this way it can hopefully be dealt with before anything more serious happens. The other is this might be getting all the ailments for the year out of the way early and the rest of the year will be better.

As I’ve said, compared to some, this is all relatively minor and I’m not complaining too much. However I’ve had better starts to the year and hopefully will be better and blogging more frequently again soon.