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I’ve not talked much about the garden this year (in fact I haven’t talked much in the latter part of the year full stop).

It’s been an odd year in the garden. I think that the weather has been the major factor in that (something that was reinforced on Gardeners World the other day, though I note that their results were still better than mine!). The wet start to the summer followed by a brief hot spell in July that coincided with me being out of the country won’t have helped, and the fact that the weather then turned again until late September won’t have encouraged growth at the right time.

The warm spell in July cost me my potatoes on the whole.   I got some crop but not a significant one and nothing of a substantial size. This wasn’t too much of a surprise as I went away with healthy plants but by the time I was back all of them had gone over.

The carrots and parsnip beds have been curious this year.   The parsnips are still in and seem to be doing ok, but how that pans out in the long run I’ll have to wait and see.   They won’t be harvested for a couple of months yet.   The curiosity has been that I double planted these beds with spinach (with the carrots) and basil (with the parsnips). Its part of the experimenting that I’m doing along these lines and last year the spinach and carrots worked well. This year was very different with not a single growth in either during the whole year.

The peas where not great this year, with growth of the plant but little produce. This was at least better than the mixed bed of courgettes, kale and broccoli. I don’t think these were started late, but the lack of warmth during the start of the year meant that even in the greenhouse their growth was stunted. As a result neither the kale nor broccoli grew large enough to be harvestable. The view flowers that came on the courgettes never became a viable.

There were some successes with the raspberries and the grapes doing well. The wetter summer with a couple of warm spells helped produce some plump raspberries for harvest and similarly the grapes look plump. Whether they will ripen enough I’m not sure. They are starting to turn in colour so I’m still hopefully.

The biggest success this year has been the beetroots which are far larger than the crop I produced last year, so that’s a good sign as far as I’m concerned that I’m not getting everything wrong.

Next year I’m looking at expanding. I’ve redirected a garden path to allow me to have another two, possibly 3 raised patches and maybe that will allow me to provide a better rotation within the beds, which may have been part of the problem this year.

I’ll enjoy what I’ve grown and hope that the weather is nicer to the crops next year!