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I’m not planning for this to become a ‘series’ but a some recent events have left me pondering about what ever happened to something that was common in my youth.  Now I realise that there have been lots of things that no longer exist from my formative years, but a lot of them there is probably a good reason.  Here I’m considering something that I can see no reason for its disappearance.

However, some background first!  I was being lazy for dinner, and had decided to have something that I would have occasionally when I was younger.  A cheese and corned beef (ok, maybe an odd combination, but I like it) toasted sandwich.  I never have this as a cold sandwich, only ever as a toasted one and for me it works, so if anyone risks a cold cheese and corned beef sandwich, they do so at their own risk!  Anyway, it was while struggling to make this ‘meal’ that I realised why it was a problem.  However I knew the solution.

Next time at the supermarket, off I trotted to the relevant section to get hold of the product that would ensure that my ‘struggle’ would be overcome.  To my amazement, the solution wasn’t available.  I even looked at the higher cost branded items and again, no solution.  Clearly I was being sent a message that I had to investigate this issue further.

So here’s my question.

Whatever happened to the thin sliced loaf of bread!

Down the bread aisle there were plenty of options.  Medium, Thick, Toasting (yes apparently that’s a width of bread) and Doorstep.  However thin was not to be seen!  Even ‘diet’ breads were a in on this decision.  The only thin bread that was available were not the sort that could be used for a toasted sandwich!  Trying to make a toasted sandwich fit into the machine with two slices of bread and a filling is a struggle with even a medium sliced loaf.  Thinner bread would make the whole thing far easier!

So here’s my call!  Let’s bring back thin sliced bread!