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I was tempted to title this post with another ‘Whatever Happened To’ as its similar but I thought that there was enough of a difference for it not to be, and of course, soap is readily available (as I hope we all know!)

I stay in hotels or similar for about 4 weeks a year.  Not a lot compared to some, but it’s not always been the same establishment so there’s more experience than just 4 hotels!  Recently, and I won’t name the establishment as I will be heading back there and did have a good stay there, I was overnighting in an hotel of a well known chain and, having spent a long time travelling, was keen to freshen up before heading out of my room.

There was just once problem.  I stepped into the en-suite bathroom anmassage-bard discovered a problem.  There was no soap.  It wasn’t that the bathroom was empty, just that I what wasn’t there wasn’t clearly soap.

There were a massaging bar, a moisture infusion facial bar, a mega-rich body lotion.

Now I suspect that some of these do the same thing as soap, although from some of the titles I’m not sure all of them would.  For example, does a ‘moisture infusion facial bar’ also clean or just ‘infuse moisture’ into the skin?  


However, not one of the items was listed as soap.  With the label of soap we all know what it does, it’s unambiguous, soap cleans.  Other titles are less clear and if I’m going to be inflicting my presence on total strangers in a hotel bar or about town then I want to know that the product I have used will have done it’s job.  With the titles above it’s not 100% clear in my view!

So please, can I just have some soap so I know I can have a wash!