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I realise now that I have possibly made a massive mistake when it comes to my garden.  Furthermore it is likely to cost me, though I will try to minimise that cost if I can.  I suspect the biggest cost I’ll have though is time, but hopefully a single long bank holiday weekend will sort things out (though it’s bound to rain!  My mistake is one that plenty of others will have made as well though, and it had all started so unassumingly on a Sunday evening.  Let me explain…

Like many others I don’t watch a lot of live TV.  Most of the times I watch TV on some form of catch up as a lot of the shows I want to see clash with other activities.  Having become an avid gardener, I had decided it was about time I should add Gardeners World to my list of viewing.  And now you can all understand the mistake I’ve made!

Suddenly my evolved garden needs to be planned.  I’m happy to blame Monty, Carole and Adam for this, but it’s a happy blame.  Suddenly I’m sketching stuff out on paper and looking at the colours already evident and how to integrate the new plans.  They’ve changed a few times and may do again.

I don’t want to dig up everything, especially as I’m expanding the size of the flowerbeds, but I do want to better plan the supporting bulbs and maybe put in some more to have stuff coming though at times other than spring!  I also know that it won’t be an instant result as part of the ‘money saving’ is by buying newly established plants rather than fully established ones.

I will let you all know how things go in due course!