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It seems a long time ago, but I posted back at Christmas time about the misfortune I had  with a jigsaw that I purchased from a local Christmas Fayre.

Having sat on my table for far too long with very little progression it was eventually put back into the box (had to make sure it was the right one!) and maybe I’ll try it again another day.  It was put away because the table it was on needed to be used and there was nothing else I could do.  A jigsaw roll mat is now on order!

However it has left me thinking more about what the whole experience of having a jigsaw without the picture has taught me.  Other than patience!

Ultimately it’s shown me the importance of having guidance in life.

Now I know that we all have a tendency when we buy a new product to ignore the instructions that come with it, especially if you’re male.  But we are all guilty of it.  How many of us have looked through the full instructions on our mobile phones or read through all the terms and conditions when we sign up for something online!

However these are different, and the jigsaw has taught me that.  Without a reference point it had become more or less impossible for me to complete.  Some bits came easily, the box the kitten was in for example, but it had writing on it so I could work out what went where.  However the flowers and other background was a different matter.  The colours and patterns could link together in a multitude of ways and without an image to guide I was going to struggle.

Life is the same.  Irrespective of what it is, we need some sort of map to live by.  If we don’t have such a map then life becomes a bit like my attempt at the jigsaw.  Some of it you can deal with, successfully coping with the parts that fit together conveniently, however it is when you are faced with the ‘flowers’ that not having any guidance suddenly you can be struggling.

Now I’m not at any point trying to suggest that having such a map that things will all be easy.  Even with a  picture a jigsaw can be difficult.  I know that from my own life, however I also know that having such a map, and for me it’s my faith, it does mean that when things are difficult I have something that can help in the long term.