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Day 218 20180806

For a long time now I have had a small hole where some plasterboard fell in.  It’s never been an urgent repair job as it’s been by a window and has been covered by a curtains.  I would hazard a guess that everyone else who has been to the house would be blissfully unaware it’s there such is it’s nature, and the photo makes it look larger than it really is.  With poorer weather now starting to appear it’s time deal with some of the minor jobs around the house.  I’d wondered for a while how I would ever fix this as any plaster would also fall into the hole.  As is often the case now-a-days, the internet came to the rescue and I discovered these thin, self adhesive patches.  As it was in the corner I had to trim the mesh, but then used those bits to provide extra strength towards the base.  I won’t need to apply a lot of plaster to now cover this and it’s solved a long term repair job.