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Day 220 20180808

Pleased with the success of my previous repair job I elected to sort out the next really obvious wall issue that I had.  At the start it didn’t look like this as it had been a case of some blown plaster.  None had come off and it it just stuck out from the all a bit.  Again, most people probably wouldn’t notice it, but as this wasn’t behind a curtain, I would see it every time I when up and down the stairs.  I like to do a proper job so I wanted to get rid of all of the plaster that was loose, even if it could have been left.  The idea being that if I did that, then the chance of it happening again would be reduced.  As a result the area that would need to be re-plastered was larger than originally expected.  That said, it’s nothing that a basic ready made plaster filler can’t deal with, even if it has to be done in sections to reduce the size each time, allowing the filler to set properly each time.