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Day 222 20180810

I had one of those moments today.  You know the ones.  The ones where you hang your head and think ‘Oh no’.  So I’m driving home from work and all of a sudden the car is making a really bad noise, and I mean really bad.  From inside and from my experience, it sounds as if half the car is hanging off.  I even take a few seconds to kneel in torrential rain and can see something massive hanging down, but it’s awful weather and I’m not going to kneel in a puddle for long.  The garage across the road are kind and put the car on a ramp and much to my relief it wasn’t part of the car but a big part of a tree.  Big enough to stretch the width of the car.  Even the mechanic who put the car on the ramp admitted it sounded awful.  I felt a bit foolish, but then given how it was stuck I doubt I’d have been able to get it out without a ramp.  I can only assume I picked it up in one of the flooded areas of roadway at work.