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Day 228 20180816

With all the good weather that we’ve had it’s been easy to forget that there are inside jobs that need to be done.  Now I’m still going to enjoy being outside as lets be honest, in the UK we don’t get long hot summers very often.  However I want to gradually get things ready for when the weather truly does turn and I’m stuck inside.  Part of that will be redecorating and giving the house a lick of paint.  This has been ongoing over the last few years and next on my list is the kitchen (sage), the hall (ivory cream) and the main bedroom (barley haze).  I have an issue with paint though in that I’m colourblind.  If I’m buying then I’m normally with a friend or I’m replacing like with like.  I’ve done that with the above in part.  The hall is already ivory cream so that’s going to be like for like.  The main bedroom is going to be an experiment with the barley haze.  It’s probably a little lighter than the current colour scheme, but it should make the room seem a bit lighter.  There will be lots of preparation needed for this and I suspect I’ll only get the kitchen and hall done this year, but that’s two more rooms done and only two left for next year.