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Day 229 20180817

The photo above is probably a little baffling as it’s totally unclear what it is.  It looks like a blob of something on a wall.  In fact it’s two things.  For me it’s the remains of a bulb from a flowerpot outside my back door.  To the squirrel I that was sat on the wall with the bulb in it’s mouth it’s the leftovers of it’s early breakfast!  I was less than impressed and as I opened the door I was hoping that in it’s surprise the squirrel would scarper, dropping the bulb in the process.  Instead I witnessed a squirrel doing a sprint across the garden with a bulb in it’s mouth bigger than it’s head.  I’ve learnt my lesson though and the pot is now in the garage where it can overwinter and it will come back out in spring for what is left to bloom.