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Day 236 20180824

So I’m still off work as I’m still stuggling with the infection and I’ve learnt the hard way that going back too early will only make things worse.  My problem is that I hate being unwell.  I know we all do, but I know that I don’t do being unwell well!  I’m not a bad patient, just really object to not being able to do things that I would normally do.  So to be able to say that I had at least done something I ‘installed’ the new doorbell I purchased a few days ago.  A friend had visited recently and only then had I discovered the doorbell wasn’t working and on futher inspection it wasn’t the batteries but the chime mechanism itself.  I will point out that ‘installing’ is a bit of overkill as all I did was take the old doorbell off, scrape the spare sticky off the door frame, attach the new doorbell, put batteries in the chime and set it.  However as a reminder that I was ill, even that was quite tiring and led to another doze afterwards!