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Day 239 20180827

Obviously with the BBQ over the sun has come back out.  This is especially unusual give it’s a public holiday today.  I’m still not up for much so the planned long walk is cancelled and I’m just chilling at home.  I’d recently cleared out a load of unwanted plant growth in one of the garden water features.  I’m not totally sure what it is (note to self to look it up) but it was spreading and taking over too much of the surface.  Anyway, I wanted to check how things were looking and to take the opportunity to fish out any more bits that had come loose.  Surprisingly I was fishing out something else instead.  This damselfly had landed on a leaf that didn’t quite support it and was struggling in the water.  With the edge of the net I had I got it onto the frame and then encouraged it to move onto the edge fo the half barrel where it could dry off.  It took a while but eventually its wings were dry and off it flew.