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Day 258 20180915

It was my mum’s birthday today and as a family we met up and went to London for the day.  She had a list of a couple of things she wanted to do.  The first was to visit Westminster Hall, which we did and also visited the Voice and Vote exhibition about women’s role in parliament.  Also available to visit was St Stephen’s Hall which I recommend for some wonder stain glass and paintings.  Next on the list, after lunch was a visit to HMS Belfast.  Just as we were about to go there (it’s pictured on the left), we noticed that Tower Bridge was open with a ship having just gone through, so that added nicely to the day trip.  HMS Belfast itself was good and the audio tour is recommended, you will get to hear a lot about life on board.  There is a health warning with that though as I did thump my head on one of the hatches as I went up.  The day finished after dinner with a trip on the Skyline going across the Thames and back at night on a cable car.