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Day 272 20180929

Never in a million years did I think I would post a photo of a toilet, let alone an airline toilet.  Let alone would it be the last post of another fantastic holiday.  However it provided what was a wonderful comedy moment at the airport.  While wait to board we were informed that there was an issue with the toilet in the first class section of the plane and that it would unavailable for the entirity of the 2 hour flight.  The airline desk staff then announced that ‘if anyone needed a potty break they should use the airport toilet now or altnatively they could use the standard class toilet during the flight’.  Firstly I loved the idea of first class passengers taking a ‘potty break’ and secondly, I’m now wondering what the first class toilet looks like and how much nicer it is from the standard class toilet given both are on a plane with not a lot of space available.  I suspect it will be a long before I get to find out!