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Day 276 20181003

I’ve been doing a fair bit in the garden since getting back from holiday.  It’s amazing how having 2 weeks away can lead to such a lot of work needing to be done.  Currently I’m harvesting potatoes as the main plants have more or less died now, so there’s not going to be significant spud growth now.  I also took advantage of the fact that some of the potatoes were sown in older raised beds that hadn’t been lined by putting the soil into trugs, brushing down the raised bed and then lining them.  I’ve still got a couple to do, but they will be done when harvested or before sowing next year.  While doing this I was visited by this tame fellow who seemed happy to hope around on the emptied raised bed (mainly for food purposes) but sat on the spade and was quite happy to be within a meter of me.