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Day 294 20181023

I was leading the service at the church I attend again today.  It’s something that always takes preparation and I’d had a couple of attempts at the preparation before having something I was happy with.  As others have said, it takes a lot of practice to come across naturally when you are standing in front of people.  The sermon was on ‘The Good Shepherd’.  Not to be confused with Psalm 23 this was the passage in John 10.  An illustration used about the type of shepherd really struck home.  Unlike most shepherds today where they move the sheep from field to field from the rear of the flock, in Jesus’ time, the sheep would follow the shepherd.  They would recognise his voice and follow and trust it.  It was a reminder that it is a willing following that takes place, not a forced persuading.  It also left me wondering about how much else we misunderstand because of the ‘modern’ eyes we see things through.  (PS, I know the picture is not that of a shepherds crook but it’s the closest thing I have that is shaped like one!)